// IDEA //

During the first year of my marketing degree, in my notebook, I drew what was then a very rough draft of a half black ... half white face with the slogan above. I then spoke to a graphic designer, she did her magic and within a few weeks I created shirts. The results were interesting, in fact so much positive feedback was given from people wearing it that they asked to purchase one too. Friends told their friends and word of mouth spread, proving that this is an idea to be pursued. 


I grew up in a multi-cultural part of West London and still to this day have friends from all backgrounds. It was in my secondary school that I met this wonderful person. He would end up being my closest friend to this day. There was something about him I admired ... he always smiled no matter the situation, even through difficult times.


Spending a day with him felt like a marathon, people would literally stop say hi, telling away their life stories. But this was his empathy, he always cared about people. We not only attended the same school but also the same university.


To conclude, my unity slogan defines my friendship with him and I feel it should be a reflection to others, that we can truly get along. This is for those who are bold, positive, and fluent in unity.


// SLOGAN //

// LOGO //

Some people are neither black or white, perhaps you are Hispanic, Asian, Indian or Arab ... so this equality logo is the solution, where the different colors are a reflection of all races - United #Oneness

// STORY //

This picture was taken in Kenya, Africa ... where this woman's face was used as the outline to the equality logo. In return, we will start a project aiming to improve the lives of the Masai people :)

// SHADES //

In addition to t-shirts & snapbacks, the exclusive positive thinking sunglasses will surely complement the message. The +hinking slogan is very unique as two words are compressed into one. When people see you wearing them, they also see the slogan situated right next to your MIND ... suddenly it makes sense. 

// GIFT //

Finally, as a thank you gift ... the p+sitive bel!ever pen will surely be a reflection of someone you love, or simply ... it will brighten your day. 


I believe my idea has all the ingredients to fuel change for the better, however there have also been negative comments towards the project. Some cannot relate to the message, whereas others feel it is a sensitive topic and that they would not wear a product with such a slogan, that's why I say ... it's only for the Brave.

// ABOUT ME //

My name is Enis and I strive to change people's lives with my marketing ability. During my masters I found a new passion - Branding. Since then I have been involved in marketing projects (mainly apparel related) which I find challenging.


I started this project with hope - to change perceptions, unite people, and translate common ground. Even if this does not work out, I know ... I tried.  


Kind regards, 



PS: Be an instrument to improve Humanity